ISO/TS 26030 and Paperless Food Chain Responsibility

ISO/TS 26030 outlines contribution possibilities for sustainable development spanning local laws, stakeholder expectations and larger regulations. Organisations and businesses such as farms, cooperatives, retailers, wholesalers, food companies or processors can all develop socially responsible and sustainable activities and operations, no matter their location or size. ISO Manager Sandrine Espeillac, head of the committee that developed the guidance noted that ISO/TS 26030 will “have a positive impact on society as a whole” and that it helps organisations to “contribute to many of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals”. In light of ISO/TS 26030 being released to the global food industry, it is also important to note the requirements that modern assessment and monitoring of socially responsible activities require top inspection methods. For this many organisations and businesses are choosing to pair ISO/TS 26030 with paperless solutions.

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