ISO 29400 Inspection of Offshore Wind Farms

Outlining various best practice and guidelines for wind farm associated operations, ISO 29400 covers everything from the optimal design and analysis of components, to repair and maintenance strategies, to decommission and redeployment of equipment. As a broad standard for the offshore wind farm industry, ISO 29400 sets a regulatory tone to hold operators, managers and inspectors to a high standard. Whilst the solid ground counterparts to the offshore wind farms prove to relatively easier to install and maintain, offshore provides its unique problems of technical maintenance whilst balancing on sea-legs. Offshore farm sites are well-suited to catching wind and are becoming increasingly favoured around the globe, hence the giant energy providers were in desperate need of international guidance. Thanks to ISO 29400, machinists, prospective constructors and all those involved with their operation can now feel more sure about their life-cycle.

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