Choosing to implement mobility within business

The modern workplace is digital, in the cloud, on servers and accessible 24/7. Many industries are seeing the rewards of switching to a digitally empowered workforce in their efficiency. According to industry studies, many routine inspections, such as OH&S/OHSE or ISO compliance within most industry fields, can experience time savings of 30%-35%; just by paper elimination.

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Safety and Security Inspections at Sports events

Australia showcases some of the best sporting events on the planet with the region containing a host of different sports on land, air or sea. The numerous events and spectacles provide sporting fans with something to enjoy across the calendar. Contemporary safety inspections at sports events now prefer to make use of digital inspection checklists in favour of the aged paper print method. Paperless inspection solutions give inspectors, OHS managers and Quality Assurance (QA) supervisors a powerful and helpful tool for their respective tasks. Inspection software is making a big impact in the industry.

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Food health and safety inspection with digital checklists

Mobile devices are meaning food health and safety inspections are becoming faster and more accurate. Inspection via digital checklists gives field personnel and officers the ability to record information via speech-to-text services, camera and image annotation/drawings for less ambiguity and more reliability. A higher level of quality of inspection means the exact situation of asset; food or health environment can be attained, recorded and displayed to management. Paperless solutions provide users a number of benefits due to their advanced processing time, variety of additional features and usability.

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Mobile inspection in Civil engineering & construction projects

Small or large, construction projects require careful oversight. If instructions are not followed, restrictions not met or regulations not adhered to their can be highly damaging if not fatal damages to the project. Throughout a building process, it is important to have a high degree of detailed management, with everything inspected and recorded to ensure nothing goes wrong. Mobile devices and digital checklists work effectively together to provide great inspection data. Easy integration with a lot of construction machinery is already available, with advanced methods pushing civil engineering and mobile technology together.

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Modern agriculture inspections

New tools and machinery require documentation, certification and inspection, with government and industry regulations constantly changing. Printed inspection checklists do not represent a solution that can keep pace with modernisation; modern inspection solutions are needed for modern times. Agriculture inspections can benefit from shifting to digital software. Paperless inspection checklists represent a powerful tool for users. Their plethora of features and abilities are giving inspectors benefits that were difficult, time-consuming and sometimes impossible to obtain with printed methods.

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ISO45001 – Improving OHS

One of the ways in which ISO 45001 aims to address industry problems and improve the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) field is by its integration with management systems. Today this is possible by implementing technology in the hands of companies, inspectors and the workforce – giving them a modern and accurate risk management solution. Paperless applications can include reference material and provide this via online, meaning there can be a rapid uptake of new standard and regulations such as ISO 45001.

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Water-Based Tourism: Streamlining your safety and regulation adherence by using mobile devices.

The best way to stay up-to-date and ensuring proper compliance is by using mobile devices and paperless inspection solutions. Water-based tourism fundamentally depends on safety and the locations, and must follow strict procedures to comply with state and national procedures. By using paperless solutions, business and organizations can ensure they stay on the forefront of regulatory content and always provide their employees, inspectors and management team with the right safety information.

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The importance of safe procedures and risk of dated inspection methods in mining

Mining disasters and incidents are an unfortunate side to the historic industry. Even with the wealth of technology available today, dated procedures or methods constrain the safety and increase risk far above the level that could be achieved. Like today the mines in the 1800s were subject to pockets of gas and dust which were highly volatile and flammable. Mining was in fact the first industry where Intrinsically Safe (IS) devices were realised as a solution to certain hazardous risks. Whilst today there are modern vacuum and extractors available, the revelation of the hazard of that using certain instruments around these substances can cause still applies today.


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Manufacturing processes and inspections using paperless checklists

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the industrial world, providing materials and/or products for virtually every industry. With advancements in technology and methodology, it is little surprise that manufacturing processes and inspections need the best management systems. Until recently, the regular paper checklist was the assumed tool for management and inspection of all forms, audit, QA, safety etc. Thanks to mobile devices, inspections and management now have much more powerful and easy-to-use tools for efficient and accurate monitoring.

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How to automate your inspection process

How to automate your inspection process

So you want to know how to automate your inspection process and remove paper based systems to assist your business? Pervidi provides practical inspection solutions for business to easily adapt to and implement into their operations using mobile devices and web portal.

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