Construction Safety Inspection Software

Construction sites can be dangerous and so it is imperative for employers to conduct regular safety inspections in accordance with any legislation that may be in place. Construction safety inspection software allows for these inspections to be conducted regularly, efficiently and far more cost effectively than using a paper-based inspection regime.

Construction safety inspection software automates the inspection process which previously would have been conducted on paper. Legislation may require inspections to be conducted at certain time intervals and may dictate certain minimum standards for employers to comply with the legislation. These minimum standards can be converted into electronic format on a construction safety inspection software suite. Inspectors would conduct their inspections in the field using a mobile device hosting the construction safety inspection software program.

Construction Safety Inspection Software

Every time that an inspection is required to be conducted, the construction safety inspection software will alert the inspector. This is particularly helpful in avoiding any scheduled inspections from “falling through the cracks”. Inspectors can use in-built camera and microphone technology to add photos and audio notes to their reports. The construction safety inspection software will store all data from past inspections in a central database which allows for easy access and makes following up on past inspections much easier than digging through a filing system.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of implementing a construction safety inspection software suite is that it can be quickly and easily tailored to suit any type of construction site and any type of inspection. If there are any changes to the legislation, the construction safety inspection software program can be updated as required, ensuring compliance.



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